Offensive Security services 

Know your weaknesses before attackers do

Red Teaming


Red Team tests mimic real-life attack scenarios which leverage any available method at a determined attacker’s disposal, including:

  • Social Engineering

  • Physical Attacks

  • Wireless Attacks

  • Internal Attacks

  • External Attacks

The scope of a Read Team test allows companies to fully test their detection and response capabilities. We’ll work with you to identify your greatest risks, whether that’s internal threat actors or hackers looking for financial gain. We then execute custom tailored scenarios to find areas which can be improved to keep your organization secure.


Network Penetration Testing


SutroSec specializes in network penetration testing and will deliver results when others can't. We identify everything from common vulnerabilities to complex attack chains. The testing we conduct is much more than scanning and printing the results like many other security companies - we employ a manual testing process which has been vetted for over 10 years.

A popular favorite among clients is our asset inventory reporting where we not only find security vulnerabilities but help you understand exactly what devices and services are on your internal and external networks. We provide world-class, easy to understand results which allow our clients to take the right action to secure themselves from multiple threat actors.


APPLICATION Penetration Testing


Our manual application penetration testing methods are top-notch within the industry. Before we even start an application test we take the time to fully research and understand the context of the application which allows us to find vulnerabilities where others wouldn’t. We prioritize APIs, business logic flaws, and other vulnerabilities which can lead to both partial and full compromise of the application.

Our team has extensive experience dealing with financial, government, and SaaS applications. We are also active in the security community by contributing to some of the most popular web application security tools in the industry. Let us utilize are expertise to help secure your applications.



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