Our services are tailored for your organization and its unique set of risks.

Tailored Red Teaming
Custom red team services to help identify and remediate risks. We will work with you to understand your business and your threats.

Continuous Red Teaming
Assessments should never be a point in time. As your organization changes, so do your threats. With continuous red teaming, you will always be aware of your threats.

Malware Reversing
Let us analyze that suspicious binary you found. Knowing what the malware is doing is key to mitigating risk and removing the attacker.


SutroSec is founded on the idea that every organization has its own unique set of risks. Our services provide organization specific risk identification through highly skilled authentic scenarios. With a combined 40+ years of information security experience, our team of specialty trained individuals have background in government, financial, health care, retail, consulting , technology and start-ups. The SutroSec team understands each industry has its own unique set of security challenges and we have resolutions.


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