DEFENSIVE Security Services

Preparation is half the battle

source code review


Identify hidden vulnerabilities with security code review. We provide an in-depth, manual review of your source code and architecture looking for logic flaws and security weaknesses normally missed by automated scanners. Our security auditors have helped clients to protect themselves against common security issues such as injection vulnerabilities, insecure use of cryptography libraries, insufficient security controls, supply chain weaknesses as well as hard to find design and logic flaws.


Cloud Security


SutroSec has the cloud security knowledge to address your organization's needs regardless of cloud service provider. We can provide expert advice on your strategy, program, architecture, and complex compliance obligations. We can help you to:

  • Optimize your cloud security program

  • Securely migrate data to the cloud

  • Optimize your cloud security program

  • Meet or address cloud security compliance

SutroSec will ensure your teams have what they need for proper cloud security management and best practices. We offer the following cloud security solutions:

  • Cloud security architecture assessment

  • Secure cloud architecture and engineering

  • DevSecOps

  • Cloud Security Compliance


malware Reverse Engineering


Did AV on your Domain Controller quarantine and unknown, potentially malicious binary? Received an email with a suspicious attachment? Identify some suspicious binaries on your Exchange server? Sutrosec Engineers provide on-demand reverse engineering and analysis of malware to quickly identify the functionality of unknown malicious code. Analysis will also provide high-fidelity indicators of compromise and any potential threat actor attribution.


Forensic Analysis


Suspect that your systems or embedded devices have been compromised and need forensic analysis? Need expert forensic analysis of an infected system? How many credit cards did the attacker take? What did the attacker steal? Was there PHI or PII exposed? Sutrosec Engineers are EnCase and AccessData certified forensic experts who have years of experience performing digital media exploitation and forensic analysis. From intellectual property theft to damage by insider threats and Advanced Persistent Threat (“APT”) nation-state hacking.


Incident Response & Recovery


Has your security team detected unauthorized access in your network? Were you notified by a third party or law enforcement of a “problem” originating from your network? Sutrosec Engineers are expert incident responders with over 10 years of experience performing some of the most complicated investigations across the globe for Fortune 100, 500, and governments alike. Sutrosec employs custom tools and methodologies to help track an adversaries through all phases of the attacker life cycle - and most importantly, helps you remove them from your network.



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